Degrease Sludge Removal

  • Degrease Sludge Removal System

    Degrease Sludge Removal

    • Removes the sludge from the Degrease/Cleaning tank
    • Reduces the liquid content in the sludge
    • Reduces weight of the sludge drastically and hence the disposal cost
    • Reduces Water, Chemical & Labour costs
    • Reduces Pollution
  • The conventional degrease solution cleaning comprises of basket filters, etc. These get choked very quickly due to the fines. Since the separators do not have any filter media, they effectively remove the solids in the solution.

    The Separator is directly connected to the degrease tank and the clean solution is returned back to the tank on a continuous basis.

    The Centrifuge Separator can remove solid particles up to 5 microns and below at a very high efficiency. Purely due to the high rotor accelerations and the fluid-dynamical design finest particles are effectively separated and discharged as dry residues.

    The Separators are provided with a low maintenance and low noise direct drive arrangement.