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  • Flocculants

    Flocculants in wastewater treatment are effective in clarifying industrial wastewater and used in thickening, sedimentation and floating process of organic & inorganic sludge. Flocculation water treatment increases speed of flotation, improves clarification and increases dehydration of sludge.

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  • Paint Flocculants (paint floating chemical) that makes both solvent and water based paint float in the upper phase, gives opportunity to remove sludge from spray booth in faster and easier way. Paint Flocculation Treatment is reliably used in painting plant processes with paint sludge removal systems.

    Flocculation water treatment and coagulation involves the addition of polymers that clump the small, destabilized particles together into larger aggregates so that they can be more easily separated from the water. The flocculation water treatment -coagulation process is used as a preliminary step before the actual physical separation of the sludge.

    Paint booth chemicals are preferred much in order to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs by prolonging the life cycle of the water in the processes. Also, companies that give importance to paint application and try to avoid stopping of the production need these chemicals as consumables for the paint sludge removal systems that remove the paint sludge from the water automatically, similar to coagulant & flocculants for water treatment.

    Our flocculation water treatment chemicals are used with the purpose of effectively floating the paint sludge that is made non-sticky by the coagulation process.