Chemicals & Additives

  • Water Recycling Plant, India

    Chemicals & Additives

    • Paint Coagulants
    • Paint Flocculants
    • Antifoam Agents
    • Biocides
  • Coagulants are for the self-cleaning of the circulating water in paint booths. The dosage is carried out in an area of high turbulence (e.g. near re-circulation pump) for good mixing and improvement in coagulation and flotation.

    Flocculants, effective in clarifying industrial wastewater and used in thickening, sedimentation and floating process of organic & inorganic sludge. They increase speed of flotation, improve clarification and increase dehydration of sludge. 

    Antifoam Agents, non-silicon type based on fatty/ polyglycol acid ester oil. Used in all processes where compact foam formation occurs.

    Bactericides are formulated to be applied to fermentable aqueous effluents that produce bad smell during transfer and/or aeration. They cover up very effectively the residual odours.

    Other Water Treatment Chemicals:

    • Sand & Activated Carbon Granules
    • Ion Exchange Resins
    • Reverse Osmosis Membranes & Chemicals
    • Filtration Minerals
    • Polyelectrolytes
    • Coagulants & Flocculants
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