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Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems

  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems


    • Systems suggested as per water/waste water quality
    • Reuse of water
    • “Zero Discharge” systems
    • Continuous & Batch type plants available
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  • A. Continuous Physical-Chemical Waste Water Treatment Systems

    Depending on the type of waste water and requirement of process water or discharge limits, the treatment system is designed and planned with the use of high technology equipment. Re-use of waste water is likewise possible with the addition of membranes and filtration systems. Systems can be fully automatic or semi-automatic designed according to the requirements. These treatment systems are suitable for high quantity of waste water production.

    B. Batch Waste Water Treatment Systems

    Batch systems (fill-run-discharge) are used for small amount of waste water and for not continuous processes. Automatic, semi- automatic and manual running systems type exist. Waste is flocculated, coagulated and precipitated in the same tank. 70 lts, 300 lts, 500 lts, 1000 lts and 2000 litres deliveries are available for this kind of system. We offer special solutions for different processes with different special chemicals formulation.

    C. Biological Water Treatment

    Removal of organic pollution in waste water occurs by using both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the systems. This process is especially used for civil or industrial waste water with organic pollution.

    D. ION Exchange Resin Distillation Systems

    In demineralization process, ions in the water are partially or totally removed. Anionic-cationic or resins with mixed bed are used in many industrial applications such as textile, galvanic industry, electronic areas, food industry and operation of steam generators.

    E. Reverse Osmosis Systems

    In this system, the application of a higher pressure than the osmotic one through the membranes allows the purification of the water from the minerals by about 99%. With this method, a part of the inlet water is desalinated while the remainder is discharged as a concentrate.

    F. Filtration Systems

    These filtration systems can treat process or pre- purified discharge water in the respect of the outgoing requirement. They are made on pre-set design basis. Sand filters remove suspended and/or colloidal bodies in the water.

    In activated carbon filters it occurs the removal of colour, of organic substances and odour. In softening filters, the ions responsible for water hardness re removed by ion exchange resins.

    Systems can be either automatically operated with valves and specific automation systems or manually operated.

    We can also supply the design of filtration systems for reusing water outgoing the purifications systems as well as process water.

    G. Evaporation - Concentration Systems

    Vacuum evaporation system can be used to efficiently treat a wide range of waste water from many industrial processes. Distillation effectively resolves the problem of the disposal of industrial polluted water, concentrating as much as possible the polluting products such as inks and heavy metals and recovering the water that, distilled, can be reused in the production cycle.

    H. Sludge Dewatering Systems

    Dewatering systems are used for draining water from the sludge (from 20% to 70% of dryness). In this way it is possible to reduce disposal costs

    I. Hydrofilter

    This unit is a dewatering system for final drainage of our more performing water treatment systems (Hydrofloty 12-24-36 M); it is equipped with a belt plus a filtering tissue with level automatic sensor for the tissue moving forward.