Solid-Liquid Separations

  • Solid-Liquid Separations

    • Ensures Cost Savings as No Filter Media is required
    • High rotor acceleration removes particles up to 1-3 microns
    • Low noise and low maintenance direct drive
    • Examples -Tungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Silver, Ceramics, Carbon, Brass, etc
    • Particles removed in dry form
  • Some metals recovery fines are difficult to be separated by filtration e.g. Ceramics, Cast Aluminium, Glass, Tungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Carbon, Brass, etc. The Centrifuge Separator achieves the separation quite easily as it does not use any filter media. Moreover, the efficiency of separation of fines is very high by use of Centrifuge Separator.

    Separators clean water, coolants and other process liquids reliably and without use of consumables. Purely due to the high rotor accelerations and the fluid-dynamical design finest particles are effectively separated and discharged as dry residues.

    The separated sludge is perfectly compressed and does not require further drying. These separators help in saving water, time, disposal costs and space.

    In combination with Back-Flushing Microfilter Clear Tube Sytem the separation efficieciecy can be very high up to 1-3 microns.