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Paint Sludge treatment chemicals

    Paint Coagulant

    Coagulation in water & wastewater treatment is common process. Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals are preferred much in order to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs by prolonging the life cycle of the water in the processes with water screen or venturi type paint booths. Also, companies that give importance to paint application and try to avoid stopping of production, need Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals as consumables for the paint sludge removal systems that remove the paint from the water automatically.

    Just like coagulation in wastewater treatment, our Coagulants, which form a constituent of the Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals, are used with the purpose of eliminating stickiness of over sprayed paint in the water, preventing possible sticking and obstructions in the lines and separate the paint in an easier way.

    Paint Flocculants

    Paint Flocculants (paint floating chemical), another constituent of the Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals and similar to flocculants for water treatment, make both solvent and water based paint float in the upper phase, give opportunity to remove sludge from spray booth in faster and easier way. Paint Flocculants are reliably used in painting plant processes with water screen and venturi type paint booths.

    Paint Precipitators

    In the event that there are heavy metals such as zinc in the paint at a high rate, systematic solutions are not wanted and that paint is desired to be collected in booth tank and cleaned at specific frequencies, not in water screen, paint precipitators are suggested. These type of Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals are required only for very specific type of paints.


    Antifoams, an important constituent of the Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals, are used in various sectors and provided with their proper contents. Our Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals range also contains oil based products with silicon for other sectors in addition to antifoams without silicon used in painting plants.

    Because it is a concentrated product, the used amounts and the acquired results are very successful.

    pH Adjuster

    At times, Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals are required for certain paint sludge, for pH adjustment. 
    Proper pH and hardness of water are very important prior to achieving the desired action from the chemicals.
    pH & water hardener adjuster are used to achieve this.


    Biocides are designed to effectively destroy microorganisms in water wash paint systems, etc. The requirement of these type of Paint Sludge Treatment Chemicals is decided by the design of the sludge removal systems installed, paint type, water quality, etc.

    Bactericides are formulated to be applied to fermentable aqueous effluents that produce bad smell during transfer and/or aeration. They cover up very effectively the residual odours.