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Wire Drawing Oil Cleaning (High Viscosity Lubricant Cleaning)

  • Oil Cleaning Machine, System

    Wire Drawing Oil Cleaning (High Viscosity Lubricant Cleaning)

    • Ensures Cost Savings as No Filter Media is required
    • Ensures Savings in Oil Top-Up requirement
    • Ensures Savings in Tooling Cost
    • Ensures Improvement in Component Quality (no pitting)
    • Ensure Space saving
  • Dirty wire drawing oil causes die deformity, leading to increased rejections.

    Wire Drawing Oil Cleaning requires special centrifuge separators that can efficiently clean high viscosity oils at raised temperatures. The separators’ efficiency for Wire Drawing oil cleaning can be as high as 98% for all particles above 3 microns.

    Wire drawing oil cleaning by separators ensure saving in oil & tooling cost, drop in rejection rate, Improvement in component quality, no foul smell and space saving.

    The separators prove highly beneficial for machining process like Brushing, Honing, Lapping, Deburring, Grinding, Cutting, Drilling, Vibratory Finishing, Cold Forming, Wire Drawing Oil Cleaning, Industrial Washing and many more.

    It is very much suited to different materials like Ceramics, Cast Aluminium, Glass, Tungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Carbon, Brass, etc. in addition to Steel.

    The separators can achieve wire drawing oil cleaning up to oil viscosity of 700 cSt.

    Stand-alone as well as centralized systems are available based on customer machine set-ups.