Sewage Treatment / Bio Waste Cleaning

  • Sewage Treatment / Bio Waste Cleaning

    • Ensures Cost Savings as No Filter Media is required
    • High rotor acceleration removes solid particles at a high efficiency
    • Low noise and low maintenance direct drive
    • Major Space savings
    • Wide range of Decanter capacities to cater to various applications/sludge levels
  • Bio waste comes in many forms and requires proper treatment. The Centrifuge Decanters help in Dewatering, Sewage Treatment, Bio Waste Cleaning, etc.

    Centrifuge Decanters help in separating the solids from the liquid phase without use of any filter media or consumables. Purely due to the high rotor accelerations and the fluid-dynamical design finest particles are effectively separated and discharged as dry residues. The Centrifuge Decanters can remove solid particles at a very high efficiency.

    The separated sludge is effectively compressed. These separators help in saving water, time, disposal costs and space.

    Centrifuge Decanters are elaborately designed with respect to the feed material, organic matter, volume and processing method and with higher torque, energy saving and space saving.