STA - Separatoren-Technik & Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany

STA develops and manufactures centrifuge systems for separating solids from fluids, like Paint Sludge, Phosphate Sludge, Oil, Coolants, Glass & Metal Particles, etc.

Since 1992 STA has been using process technology know-how to solve contamination problems everywhere that more stringent environmental requirements, stricter quality specifications and cost pressure have led to the need for greater purity of fluids used.

STA focus is on systems which achieve maximum filter fineness through centrifugal force, gravitation and coalescence alone and without the use of filter aids, and extract solid matter in compact and pure form, as well as foreign oil, in high concentration. This makes it possible to increase the service life of machining fluids and tools, to reduce disposal costs and to improve the production results.

Overseas Tie-ups

Aquarius works on case-to-case basis with other overseas partners to meet the specific requirements of dewatering and thickening in wastewater treatment processes and liquid separation in industrial processes.

These tie-ups help in delivering customized solutions like, Biological decanters, horizontal decanters as well as solutions for industries such as olive oil, dairy, beverage, oil, marine and mining industries, animal rendering, oleo chemistry, yeast, etc.