Other Separator Applications

Separator installation for Effluent Recycling

Paper Industry is a very water intensive industry. Huge amounts of water are required daily to process the paper pulp. With the scarcity of water, high costs and stringent effluent regulations, the paper industry faces many challenges.

Aquarius has been instrumental in evolving a “Zero Discharge” system for this industry.

Normally, the treated water from the ETP passes through the filter press and is drained.

Aquarius suggested their special continuous operation centrifuge after the filter press. The separator cleans the water from the filter press at a very high efficiency, without the need of any filter media. There is no possibility of choking and the thoroughly cleaned water is supplied to the subsequent water treatment equipment. This combined system has produced excellent results. The crystal clear recycled water has been tested vigorously and found to be suitable for use in the process. 

Such combined systems are applicable to all water intensive industries and the “Zero Discharge” will help in paving way to a cleaner and pollution free environment.

Graphite Powder Separation

An auto part forging company uses graphite powder for lubrication during forging process. The same is washed with water and the mixture is stored in drums for disposal. The water could not be sent to their ETP due to the graphite powder contamination. Aquarius suggested the semi-automatic separator for continuous cleaning of the storage tank. The high-efficiency cleaning allows the cleaned water to be sent to the ETP plant. A substantial disposal cost is saved accordingly.