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Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Varroc Polymers Order for Automatic Paint Sludge Separator A-25

Varroc Polymers has placed an order for a completely Automatic Paint Sludge Separator System for their new plant in Chakan.

The new paint shop, being put up by M/s Plustech Systems, has a centralized sludge pit. A special floating suction device is provided in the sludge pit for effective collection of the floating paint sludge. The sludge is pumped to an overhead overflow tank. The sludge concentration is increased in the overflow tank. Subsequently, the paint sludge from the overflow tank is pumped to the Automatic Separator.

The sludge is separated from the water at a very high efficiency and also dewatered effectively in the Separator. The dried sludge is automatically removed into a collection trolley. The clean water is returned to the sludge pit.

The separator has advanced HMI system and the PLC controls are with required system safeties in-built. The control panel is connected to the SCADA system of the customer.
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

New Overflow Tank Design for Paint Sludge Pits

A new Overflow (OF) Tank has been designed for the efficient collection and concentration of the paint sludge from the sludge pit, which can be easily pumped to a centrifuge separator.

The OF tank is designed for those sludge pits, which do not have a skimmer tank or de-sludger system attached to it. Unlike skimmers, the OF tank does not have a skimmer arm and the sludge is allowed to float inside the tank. The trapezoid shaped tank is so designed to collect the floating paint sludge at one end, with the help of a specially designed suction device. The sludge is pumped to the centrifuge separator through this suction device.

The paint sludge sent to the centrifuge separator gets effectively dewatered and the clean water is sent back to the sludge pit.

Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

‘Think Blue. Factory’ award for Volkswagen India Pune Plant, with major contribution of Centrifuge Separators

Volkswagen India, (Pune) plant has received the prestigious ‘THINK BLUE. FACTORY’ award for the greatest progress in waste reduction.

One of the main measures contributing to this reduction was the recycling of paint sludge. This reduction was achieved by cutting down the moisture content from paint sludge using centrifuge Paint Sludge Separator.

As compared to the base value of 2011, VW India Pune plant has been able to reduce specific ‘Waste Generation’ by 30.5%.

Volkswagen Pune Plant, one of the 27 Volkswagen automotive manufacturing facilities worldwide, follows the ‘Think Blue. Factory.’ initiative to achieve environment-friendly manufacturing. Through this initiative, Volkswagen aims at reducing the impact of its manufacturing process on the environment by 25% per car globally through its participating facilities.

Three years into the program, the Pune plant has already surpassed the set target in the area of ‘Waste Generation’ and is close to achieving its targets in the areas of ‘CO2 Emissions’ and ‘Energy Consumption’. Rounding off the fruitful results of Volkswagen India was the consistent progress shown in the area of ‘Water Consumption’. Amongst the five key measurable areas, maximum reduction has been achieved in the area of ‘Waste Generation’.

Click here for more information - 'Think Blue. Factory'
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Visit us at Surface & Coating Expo 2018

AQUARIUS and HYDRO ITALIA are jointly participating in the Surface & Coating Expo 2018 to be held at Chennai Trade Centre from 31st August to 2nd September 2018.

All types of sludge removal and water treatment enquiries will be discussed at our stall including Paint Sludge Dewatering, Phosphate Sludge Removal, Chemicals, Wastewater Treatment, ETP, etc.

You are welcome to visit our Stall no. 95 for more information about our product range
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

bC India Conexpo Show, Greater Noida

The theme of the AQUARIUS stall at the recently held Bauma Conexpo Show, at Greater Noida Delhi, was “Proud to be Indian, Powered to be Global!

The exhibition had a good response but the highlight of the event proved to be the visit of Hon. Shri. Manohar Parrikar, Defence Minister of India, to the Aquarius stall. Apart from the construction equipment, Mr. Parrikar showed a great intrest in the Centrifuge Separator product range. “The Aquarius equipment exhibited is very techno-savvy,” commented Mr. Parrikar.

There was a good interaction with the visiting clients on their requirements like Hydraulic Oil cleaning, Paint Sludge Dewatering, etc.
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd


STA had participated in glasstec held at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Germany. glasstec is the meeting point for the world of glass, not only the world‘s largest trade fair for the glass industry and its suppliers but also the most international event.

STA is a leader in providing clean water solutions without chemicals in the Glass grinding industry. The event was well attended and was also visited by many Indian business houses.