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Decanter Centrifuge

  • Decanter Centrifuge


    • Sludge Dehydration
    • Extraction, Refining & Recovery of Fuel Oils
    • Sludge Treatment from Food Processes
    • Effluent & Sewage Treatment
    • Fields

    • Ecology/Treatment
    • Industrial
    • Chemical/Petrochemical
    • Food
    • Zootechnical

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  • Description:

    A Decanter Centrifuge separates solid materials from liquids in slurry and therefore plays an important role in Wastewater Treatment, Chemical Dehydration, Oil, Food Processing Industries, etc.

    In Decanter Centrifuge, the separation happens via the very high centrifugal acceleration produced by rotation. The rotation amplifies the differences of the specific weights of the various phases, which guarantees high efficiency of work.

    The Decanter Centrifuges can be configured for a “2-phase” working cycle (separation of a solid phase from a liquid one), or for a “3-phase” working cycle (separation of a solid phase from two liquid ones with different specific weight). Normally, the first configuration finds an application in the ecological range (for example dehydration of sludges, ETP, STP, etc.) as well as in the Food Processing (for example production processing of tomato, fruit juices, fats, etc.). The second configuration finds applications in the Olive Oil extraction with continuous extraction.

    The decanters are designed to answer to the modern requirements of reliability and high efficiency of run.