Water Recycling System / Plant

  • Water Recycling Plant, India

    Water Recycling System / Plant

    • Can satisfy most water demands
    • Water reclamation and water reuse
    • Overcomes water scarcity
    • High efficiency solids separation
    • Continuous on-line cleaning
  • Centrifuge Separators clean water and other process liquids reliably and without use of consumables. Purely due to the high rotor accelerations and the fluid-dynamical design finest particles are effectively separated and discharged as dry residues. Sludge emptying is either done fully automatically or on the semi-automatic models.

    The term water recycling is generally used synonymously with water reclamation and water reuse. Gray water is reusable wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial bathroom sinks, bath tub shower drains, etc.  Gray water is reused onsite, typically for landscape irrigation. 

    Water recycling generally refers to projects that use technology to speed up natural processes. Recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality appropriate for the use. Recycled water is most commonly used for non-potable (not for drinking) purposes, such as agriculture, landscape, public parks, and golf course irrigation. Other non-potable applications include cooling water for power plants and oil refineries, industrial process water for such facilities as paper mills, etc.

    Water recycling has proven to be effective and successful in creating a new and reliable water supply without compromising public health.