Paper Industry Effluent Treatment

  • Paper Industry Effluent Treatment

    • Combination of Centrifuge and Water Treatment System
    • Ensures Cost Savings as No Filter Media is required
    • Continuous cleaning of water after ETP by Centrifuge Separator
    • Centrifuge Separator assures high efficiency of fines separation
    • Subsequent Water Treatment produces crystal clear water
    • “Zero Discharge” system
  • Centrifuge Separators clean the water emerging from the filter press of the ETP, without use of any filter media or consumables. Purely due to the high rotor accelerations and the fluid-dynamical design finest particles are effectively separated and discharged as dry residues. The Centrifuge Separator can remove solid particles up to 5 microns and below at a very high efficiency.

    Cleaned water from the Separator is then supplied to the Water Treatment Plant (RO). The separated sludge is perfectly compressed.

    By removing the major percentage of fine solid particles from the water, the cleaned water can be easily processed further in the Water Treatment Plant without choking the fine filters of the plant.

    Absolutely clear water recovery is possible with perfect combination of Centrifuge Separator and Water Treatment Plant. Without any consumables and fully automatically, the combination generates crystal clear water (NAS7/8), even from heavily treated water from ETP.

    These separators help in a drastic saving of water, time, disposal costs, space and help in producing good quality water from the effluent.